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Art & Apparel

Here at KARDIMAGO it all starts with art.  Don't think of art as something that you can only hang on the wall or put on the shelf; art can be something that you wear, something that you use, something that you surround yourself with. Our mission is to bring you the best of art created by a talented individual who has lived all over the world in a form that makes your everyday life rich and beautiful.

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Dreamscape Painting.jpg

Our Story

The story of KARDIMAGO began with a visit to the depths of a creative mind. The need to express hidden inner feelings slowly evolved into a willingness to share them. Living an authentic life starts with accepting and celebrating who we are. Everyone deserves the opportunity to shine and be surrounded with items that bring them joy.​

The team at KARDIMAGO, full of creative energy, have joined together to offer a simply breathtaking array of limited-edition original art and apparel. We hope to use our love of originality and colour to bring joy to your life. Never be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Let yourself shine!

Simplify your shopping experience by coming to our fun and exclusive online shop and find everything you need. All of our most popular and exclusive designs are available right here.

The Summer Collection

Stunning one of a kind rash guards for the whole family as well as bright flip flops. These are high quality, comfortable and stylish to wear.

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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